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Welcome to the enviro-mich listserv!

ENVIRO-MICH is the virtual gathering place for Michigan environmentalists and conservationists on the Internet.

ENVIRO-MICH is sponsored by the Sierra Club-Mackinac Chapter as a service to the citizen environmental and conservation movement in Michigan. The purpose of ENVIRO-MICH is to promote the goals of Michigan's environmental, conservation and citizen's grass roots movement.

The Michigan Environmental Council (MEC) is a supportive participant in the establishment of ENVIRO-MICH. MEC intends to contribute items for posting and urges that its member organizations encourage their individual members to subscribe.

Any person supporting these goals who has an Internet electronic mail address and who abides by the rules of this mailing list may sign up for ENVIRO-MICH.

ENVIRO-MICH is designed to provide rapid and widespread dissemination and sharing of information in Michigan's citizen environmental community. The most basic purpose of ENVIRO-MICH is to promote citizen environmental activism, public visibility of Michigan environmental issues and dissemination of political, educational, governmental and scientific information on Michigan environmental problems.

Here are examples of the types of information appropriate for dissemination on the ENVIRO-MICH Internet mailing list:

- Alerts, political and electoral information and background information on breaking Michigan environmental issues and campaigns.

- Damage reports and the "latest outrages" from the Engler Administration.

- Voting records for Michigan legislators and the Michigan Congressional Delegation; requests from national organizations for specific help with Michigan's Congressional delegation.

- Requests for help, information and other forms of sharing and mutual assistance; efforts to foster coalition building and outreach to Michigan citizens on Michigan environmental issues.

- Announcements of conferences and meetings by Michigan non-profit organizations and citizen groups

- Educational and scientific information about Michigan environmental/conservation issues, problems, resources and controversies.

- Copies of news and media stories on environmental and conservation issues in Michigan and news releases from citizen organizations.

- Information about upcoming key legislative and administrative agency decisionmaking in Michigan.

- Appropriate subject areas on ENVIRO-MICH include all traditional and "Michigan-relevant" environmental protection and conservation issues, including air, water, land, conservancy and trust efforts, wilderness, forests, toxicants, waste, wetlands, energy conservation, resource development and exploitation, transportation, urban environment, sprawl, environmental justice, recycling, wildlife, Great Lakes, public participation, public policy, law and litigation, environmental activism and volunteerism, MDEQ/MDNR matters, Internet environmental activism, promotion of non-profit environmental web pages, conservation issues related to hunting, fishing and recreation.

Citizen activists, organizational members, MDNR/MDEQ public servants, university faculty, labor and environmental justice advocates, news media, students, consultants, industry, trade associations, local government officials and the general public are all encouraged to subscribe.

ENVIRO-MICH will start out as an "unmoderated" mailing list which means that any person who is subscribed to the list may post a message to the entire list for immediate distribution.

Controversy and discussion are explicitly invited and encouraged, but extended and counterproductive "flame wars" should be carried out privately and not on the list as a whole.

Any person who posts a message to ENVIRO-MICH shall be fully and solely responsible and liable for the content and accuracy of any message posted. The Sierra Club, the Sierra Club Mackinac Chapter and Alex J. Sagady and Associates do not review, edit or subject messages posted to ENVIRO-MICH to prior approval, and these entities shall not be responsible for messages posted on ENVIRO-MICH by any other person. A subscriber who posts unsubstantiated libelous material defaming an individual in a matter that may cause or contribute to litigation and who does not immediately provide substantiation will be removed from the list permanently.

Persons who post inappropriate, off-topic messages or profanity or engage in the practice of "spamming" or other disruptive, inappropriate conduct on the list are subject to removal from the list by the list owner, who is Alex J. Sagady and Associates, Consultant to the Sierra Club, Mackinac Chapter.

Please do not post copyrighted information on Enviro-Mich. You can post an item which summarizes such information and gives a URL location to inform others that such information exists.

In order to post a message to the list, after you have subscribed send your electronic mail to the address:


(use lower case letters)

Your message will go to the entire list within 1-8 hours depending on the current size of the list, and host server traffic volume.

As a general rule of thumb, keep your postings as short as possible. For the best, most readable postings, please ensure that you limit your text lines to not more than about 68 characters.

The names on the list itself will be held confidential by the list owner and by the Sierra Club, Mackinac Chapter.

If you need additional information or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact the list-owner, Alex J. Sagady, at the address ajs@sagady.com

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** All views and opinions presented in e-mail list postings are solely those of the author or attributed source and do not necessarily reflect those of GLIN or the Great Lakes Commission **

How to Send a Message to enviro-mich

To send a message to enviro-mich, simply send an e-mail message to enviro-mich@great-lakes.net. This message will reach hundreds of people in the Great Lakes community; therefore, do not use it to subscribe or unsubscribe from the list.

For additional information or to correct any errors, contact:

Alex Sagady

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